How to keep your customers loyal?

25 April 2014 by with 0 and 3

Online community is growing day by day and heading to trillions. For this reason, this community is getting more and more attention from business owners. Starting from videogames and from the idea that everybody needs to play and have fun, steps have been taken to build Loyalcraft.

What is Gamification and Why Gamify?

Well, as stated in wikipedia:

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.

It sounds a bit like philosophical thoughts but that’s really it! Loyalcraft is using gamification to help businesses getting their customers loyal while having fun. The game mechanics that are the must have in the gamification concept are the source of fun and engagement of the users. In Loyalcraft, we believe that playing a game is a lot of fun and that’s why we focus mainly on integrating every user online to get into the gaming mood to have fun with other online friends.

Our Goals:

Loyalcraft main goal is to build an online gamification community that interact with several providers and partners all over the world, make them discover the most of what they are interested in while having fun, push them to be sociable and play in a community, offer them tangible gifts that are interested in for their activities online.

Loyalcraft is also solving the online marketing challenge and complexity by creating a huge monitored and targeted traffic with high quality. Being the partner of Loyalcraft, Businesses are no longer asked to create or generate random traffic to get revenues but the customers themselves are motivated and challenged to do it for them.

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