The Fusion in solving the Online Marketing Challenge

25 January 2014 by with 0 and 2

Businesses that are relying totally or even in part in online community in their marketing and sales have a very big challenge ahead. How can they get known in this very big online world? what are the tools that they could use to make themselves appear in this huge universe? are these tools efficient? if they are efficient, how can we find that out? Well.. until now, there is no way to get exact data of online reputation performance but, what if their customers themselves do it for them? how would it be?

The Challenge:

Nobody can deny that the online marketing complexity is a challenge is these days. Let’s try to present it in some points:

Social networks addiction: We know that social media is used everywhere in the world. Social networks are becoming a vital tool nowadays and for most of us, it represents the main tool to get world news, to connect with friends, to conduct businesses, to play games …

The presence of social networks: Referring to worldwide statistics, we found out that social networks are used in the first place to get good quality content, review advertisements compared to television in the second place, online press in the third place and radio in the fourth place.We figured out also that online press is used more than the newspaper. This mean that the consumer nowadays always prefer the online tools.

Everybody play games: Playing a game is fun. That’s the main reason why we find people investing a lot of time playing without being payed or forced to do it. Playing a game doesn’t even have an age limit, we can find people over 80 years old enjoying playing a video game.

The Fusion:

We had a quick look at the challenge. Let’s see how can we use these facts together to make a marketing revolution. We know that playing a game is fun and people are getting easily addicted playing a game especially the online ones where one can compete with friends. This leads us to think about using game mechanics that motivate people to solve the problems. This concept is then called “Gamification”. Let’s try to use Gamification in boosting businesses and the marketing experience.

Businesses usually intend to push the community to make some activities in their websites like share some content via social networks, vote for products, purchase online, watch some videos… Loyalcraft is giving them the right solution for that. Joining Loyalcraft, the partner will benefit from the online community dedicated to gamification to push the consumers to interact and be active exactly where they want them to be active and give them the room to monitor the good traffic and check the remarkable growth of their online reputation.

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